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Donita (Doni) Spencer, RMT    

I was born and raised in Vanderhoof, but I left to pursue other careers and "lives" for 30 years. I've lived in southern Alberta, the lower Mainland, and most recently Ontario. I have enjoyed a lot of life and travel, but I felt I needed something else, so I went back to school to become a Registered Massage Therapist. I've loved all my experiences, and it seems I've come full circle by coming home to live and practice Massage Therapy! It makes me really happy to be home.

My fascination with Massage Therapy started when I took a weekend course at Olds College for equine therapy. Yep, I wanted to help my horse, who had lots of health issues at the time, and it worked! I was hooked! I worked on animals, and then eventually people, and then I took a reflexology course, until finally, it was time to truly commit and become a Registered Massage Therapist. I have to say, it was the best decision of my life! I love my work. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone, who has been in pain, feel relief.

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